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Why not enjoy Restaurant quality Authentic Chinese Food from the comfort of your own home.


Special occasion? A first date? Why not book a spot in our cosy restaurant.


What is Chinese food?

Too often, Chinese food is associated with items which are plain in colour, often only yellow or orange, greasy, too salty, too sweet and unhealthy. This is the stigma we at Sense are trying to challenge. 

Chinese food can be enjoyed individually, however the experience can be enhanced greatly with larger parties, Chinese food should be eaten family style, then everyone can indulge in a range of favours and can enjoy a variety different meats and vegetables.


Looking for a


If you are in the mood for a change tonight, how does sushi sound or maybe some Katsu curry? Why not check Ajiwai out, our sister restaurant on 97 claypath. 

You can visit them by clicking me!

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